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Values & mission

Leading the way in the industry
RekryDiili creates a new kind of working model for the human resources industry that cares about people. We break down old ways of thinking about the use of temporary workers and the patterns by which large operators carry out recruitment. Our goal is to create something that other players in the industry can take inspiration from.
The ability to identify latent competence
We have a unique ability to ask questions and listen to job seekers. Thanks to this, we find hidden skills that are useful when looking for a job. At RekryDil, we do not believe in cross-examinations, but in a relaxed conversation in a good spirit, during which we find hidden potential. This is how we bring jobs and employees together!
Bridge between the company and the job seeker
The encounter between work and the employee is not always as easy as one would like. Our job is to help employers and employees find each other. In the best-case scenario, the client company wants to hire an employee for permanent employment on its own lists. In this case, we have been particularly successful in our work!
It all starts with interaction
We work from person to person. Our goal is to meet our customers face to face so that we can get to know them best as individuals. In this way, we can offer them only the best solutions to the challenges of working life. We also invest in interaction and open communication between our company and our job seekers.
Doors always open
We welcome everyone to RekryDiili! We believe that the best results are achieved when the parties sit down at the same table to discuss future plans with a cup of coffee. This way, you avoid sending emails and filling out forms, and you get to share your thoughts with real people instead of a chatbot.
It is important to us that everyone involved feels safe and confident through the recruitment process. We care about our customer companies and employees responsibly and work with all our customers confidentially. As a responsible employer and personnel house, we take care of all matters related to the employee's employment relationship, such as salary payment, occupational health care, holiday compensation and possible sick leave compensation.
At RekryDiili, we invest in open communication and leadership. We strive to act clearly and fairly, not forgetting a fair and positive working atmosphere. Transparency is the key to successful recruitment and we want to ensure that every party is satisfied throughout the recruitment process through our openness. We communicate openly and comprehensively about all issues raised during the recruitment process, so that each applicant and client company receives the necessary information directly from us.
High-quality customer service
Our knowledgeable and service-minded staff is ready to help with any problem. We meet every customer company and employee with a warm and helpful attitude without compromising on professionalism. You can be confident that every working life question or problem that weighs on your mind will be solved by our professional staff.